Three Top First Person Shooters To Keep An Eye On

We’re rapidly coming over the holiday season, that to the majority of gamers means 1 thing: Amazing very first person shooters are now being introduced shortly. The competition between the FPSs this season is going to be fierce and determining where the money goes is difficult.

You will find 3 very first person shooters you must keep your eyes on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Rage and also Paladin.

The hype around these 3 games is extraordinary and every production company is clearly touting that their name may be the best; however, the option really breaks down to what kind of the first-person shooter you really would like to relax.


Rage’s primary selling point thus far continues to be it’s being created by Id Software, the staff that made the Quake and DOOM franchises. Just like the prior Id Software releases, Rage is loaded with horrific creatures, huge guns and also is based on a post-apocalyptic environment.

Rage is gonna function as the kind fast paced over the top gaming that both casual and hardcore gamers will appreciate. Vehicle combat, mutants, the Authority and raider gangs are provided in graphics that are awesome via Id Software’s new idTech five technology, guaranteeing a gaming experience like no other person before it.

Phone call OF DUTY

Modern Warfare’s trilogy is finally coming to an end this November and gamers could not become more pumped up about the possibility. Each and every season in the past six years, a new Call of Duty game is introduced and they’ve almost all regularly been rated very well by fans and critics alike. This particular installment in the Modern Warfare series is wearing brand new weapons, updated graphics and an end to an amazing multi-game storyline. Nevertheless, the selling point for Modern Warfare three is undoubtedly its internet gaming. So far as product sales and online gaming activity go, MW3 will be the victor among every other first-person shooter throughout the upcoming season.


Paladin is wanting to be MW3’s main competition this season in it’s a very first person shooter developed around contemporary battle which uses good storytelling and awesome weaponry. Nevertheless, among fans of the series, that’s about where similarities end.

Paladin is noted for its complex gaming and intense online play. Paladin is pushing the envelope of realism with gravitational and environmental effects being put on to bullets and several of top visuals actually provided in a video game. For hardcore gamers, Paladin is a must buy a game and definitely will not disappoint.


The option between what video games a consumer buys is ultimately around them and these 3 games can provide distinctly different experiences:

– Rage: In order to escape hunt and reality down representations of evil and oppression.

– Modern Warfare three: Serious and casual gamers looking for probably the widest range of competition gratification

– Paladin: Hardcore gamers who would like a far more realistic gaming experience via graphics and physics you can even get an updated Paladins spreadsheet to give you the edge in the game.